About us

Idealism forms the basis of United Wealth. The company is founded in 2015. Our goal is to help people move forward in the financial arena, in their personal development, health, emotional and relational spheres, also called environment. United Wealth believes that there is plenty for everyone. Cooperation ensures that we can share this with you. The mission of United Wealth is to provide the opportunities and the tools to strengthen your personal and financial Wealth. We do this by means of an online webshop. At United Wealth, each UW Partner has equal opportunities, because we use one of the oldest and most trusted business models… direct selling.


United Wealth is an internationally operating company. Clarity and transparency are of major importance for United Wealth. By publishing its business results yearly United Wealth can guarantee that. These figures are checked by an international auditor. So our UW Partners can be certain that everything is sound financially. Thus they can introduce interested parties to UW convincingly and with confidence. Integrity is paramount at United Wealth. We will not make any unfounded claims and we keep our promises. United Wealth takes responsibility for its UW Partners and therefore checks - before we acquire a company - whether this is sufficiently aware of "corporate social responsibility". United Wealth is Responsible, Honest and Transparent.